What Happened to The Jake and Tanner Show? Details

The Jake and Tanner Show, a popular radio program on KISS 95.9 in Wisconsin, has been abruptly canceled. However, Jake and Tanner have announced their plans to start their own show on Patreon. The duo explained that they were fired because the station wanted to take the show in a different direction without them. This move reflects the ongoing disruption in the radio industry, as services like Spotify and podcasts continue to compete for listeners’ attention. Despite the unexpected change, Jake and Tanner are excited for their new venture and have already garnered support from fans who are willing to pay for access to their show.

The Jake and Tanner Show: From Cancellation to Patreon


The radio industry has experienced significant upheaval in recent years, with the emergence of streaming services like Spotify and podcasts as strong competitors for people’s listening time. This disruption has now reached Wisconsin, where The Jake and Tanner Show announced on November 16, 2023, that it would no longer be broadcasting on 95.9 KISS. This news left many loyal listeners wondering about the reasons behind the show’s sudden end.

Fired from KISS 95.9

In a Facebook Live session on November 16, Jake and Tanner revealed that they had been fired from KISS. The duo had hinted at their departure in a Facebook post the day before, expressing gratitude for the support they had received and promising to provide clarity in the upcoming live session. During the Facebook Live, Jake and Tanner shared more details about the situation, expressing their emotional turmoil and disappointment at being let go on a Wednesday, of all days. They clarified that the station wanted to take the show in a different direction without their involvement, but they harbored no ill will towards the station.

Undeterred by their sudden departure, Jake and Tanner announced their plans to launch a podcast supported through Patreon. They explained that the podcast would aim to recreate the successful formula they had developed on their radio show, offering daily episodes designed for morning commutes. The advantage of the podcast format would be that listeners could enjoy episodes at their own pace. To sustain themselves and provide for their families, Jake and Tanner set the Patreon fee at $5 per month. They excitedly shared that the podcast would debut with a Facebook Live episode on November 27, after which subsequent episodes would be available exclusively behind the Patreon paywall.

The response from their audience was overwhelmingly positive, with many users expressing their willingness to pay the $5 fee to continue accessing Jake and Tanner’s content regularly. This enthusiastic support indicates that the show will undoubtedly find an audience in its new podcast format.

Disruption in the Radio Industry

Competition from Spotify and Podcasts

The radio industry has been facing significant disruption in recent years, largely due to the rise of streaming services like Spotify and the popularity of podcasts. These platforms have emerged as strong competitors, vying for people’s attention and listening time. With the convenience of personalized playlists and on-demand content, listeners now have more options than ever before. This shift in consumer behavior has forced radio stations to adapt and find new ways to engage their audience.

Impact on Wisconsin

The impact of this industry disruption has now reached Wisconsin, as evidenced by the cancellation of The Jake and Tanner Show on 95.9 KISS. This news has left many residents of the state wondering about the future of radio in their region. The departure of Jake and Tanner, who were popular radio personalities, highlights the challenges faced by traditional radio stations in retaining their audience amidst changing preferences. It also raises questions about the direction that Wisconsin’s radio industry will take in response to these changes. Will more stations embrace digital platforms and explore podcasting as a means to connect with listeners? Only time will tell how Wisconsin’s radio landscape will evolve in the face of this disruption.

Jake and Tanner’s Next Move

Launch of a Podcast on Patreon

Following their departure from 95.9 KISS, Jake and Tanner wasted no time in announcing their next venture: a podcast that would be supported through Patreon. Recognizing the changing landscape of the radio industry and the growing popularity of podcasts, the duo saw this as an opportunity to continue delivering their unique brand of entertainment to their dedicated fanbase. By embracing the podcast format, Jake and Tanner would have the freedom to create content that resonates with their audience on a more personal level, free from the constraints of traditional radio programming.

Details of the Podcast and Patreon Support

The podcast, set to launch with a Facebook Live episode on November 27, promises to capture the essence of The Jake and Tanner Show that listeners have come to love. With a focus on providing daily episodes tailored for morning commutes, the duo aims to recreate the engaging and entertaining experience that made their radio show so popular. The advantage of the podcast format lies in its flexibility, allowing listeners to enjoy episodes at their own pace and convenience.

To support their new endeavor and ensure their ability to continue creating quality content, Jake and Tanner have set up a Patreon page. For a monthly fee of $5, fans can gain exclusive access to their podcast episodes and support the duo’s ongoing efforts. This direct support from their audience not only allows Jake and Tanner to sustain themselves but also demonstrates the strong connection and loyalty they have fostered with their listeners over the years.

By embracing the podcasting platform and utilizing Patreon as a means of support, Jake and Tanner are taking control of their own destiny and forging a new path in the ever-evolving media landscape. Their dedication to delivering engaging content and their commitment to their audience’s support ensures that their journey from radio cancellation to podcast success will be an exciting one to follow.

In conclusion, The Jake and Tanner Show has been canceled by KISS 95.9 in Wisconsin, but Jake and Tanner are determined to continue their show on Patreon. The radio industry has faced significant disruption in recent years due to the rise of streaming services and podcasts. Jake and Tanner were fired because the station wanted to take the show in a different direction without them. Despite this setback, they are launching a podcast on Patreon, offering daily episodes for a monthly fee of $5. The response from their audience has been positive, with many expressing their willingness to support the show. This transition marks a new chapter for Jake and Tanner, and they are excited for what the future holds.

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