What parts of The Crown are not true? Missed major plot misses by Netflix series explored ahead

The Crown, the globally popular Netflix series, has enthralled audiences with its dramatized portrayal of British royal history. However, as the show enters its final season, it is crucial to examine the instances where historical accuracy is sacrificed. Blending reality and fantasy, The Crown navigates the intricate labyrinth of British royal history, but it is important to acknowledge where fiction diverges from fact. In this article, we explore some of the creative liberties taken by the show, including historical inaccuracies, fictional twists, and the upcoming season’s focus on Princess Diana’s tragic death.

The Crown: Exploring the Balance Between Historical Truth and Fiction

As viewers around the world continue to be captivated by the Netflix series, The Crown, it is important to delve into the delicate balance between historical truth and fictional storytelling. The show has gained immense popularity for its dramatized portrayal of British royal history, but it is crucial to recognize the instances where creative liberties have been taken. By examining the interplay between reality and fantasy, we can gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of British royal history.

Blending Reality and Fantasy: Navigating the Historical Labyrinth

The Crown has masterfully woven together elements of reality and fantasy as it navigates the intricate web of British royal history. While the show’s label as a ‘fictional dramatization’ in its later seasons serves as a reminder of its departure from strict historical accuracy, it also highlights the show’s ability to entertain and engage its audience. By skillfully blending real events with fictionalized narratives, The Crown offers a unique perspective on the lives of the royal family.

Departure from Historical Accuracy: Unveiling Creative Liberties

Despite its widespread popularity, The Crown has faced criticism for its historical inaccuracies. While certain incidents depicted in the series align with historical truths, the details and timelines are often molded to fit the narrative arc. For example, the portrayal of a meeting between Prince Charles and Prime Minister John Major regarding the Queen’s potential abdication in Season 5 lacks solid evidence, highlighting how creative liberties can reshape historical narratives. It is essential to acknowledge these departures from historical accuracy while appreciating the show’s artistic interpretation.

Parts of The Crown that Diverge from Historical Fact

While The Crown has garnered widespread acclaim, it is important to acknowledge the creative liberties taken by the show that deviate from historical truth. While the series aims to entertain and provide a captivating narrative, it is crucial to distinguish between fiction and reality. Let’s explore some instances where The Crown takes artistic license with historical details.

Creative Liberties with Historical Details

The Crown often molds historical events to fit its narrative arc, resulting in creative liberties with the portrayal of certain incidents. While some incidents depicted in the series align with historical truths, the show’s interpretation may alter the details and timelines. It is important to approach these fictionalized elements with a critical eye, appreciating the artistic choices made by the creators while recognizing the divergence from historical accuracy.

Royal Flings: Timing Troubles

The Crown introduces a royal love quadrangle involving Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and their respective relationships with Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles. While it is true that relationships did occur, the timing presented in the series diverges from historical reality. This fictionalized portrayal of the timing of these relationships adds a layer of intrigue and drama to the narrative, but it is important to remember that it is not an accurate representation of historical events.

The Sunday Times Leak: A Clash with Reality

A clash with reality emerges in the depiction of The Sunday Times leak in 1986. While it is true that the Queen was dismayed with Prime Minister Thatcher’s approach, the show’s version of events, including instructing her press secretary to share her feelings with the press, is at odds with historical accounts. This fictionalized portrayal adds tension and drama to the storyline but should be viewed as a creative interpretation rather than a factual representation.

Churchill’s Relationship with the Queen: Frosty or Cordial?

The Crown presents a frosty relationship between the Queen and Winston Churchill, portraying him as stern and serious. However, in reality, their relationship was cordial, with the Queen expressing Churchill as her favorite prime minister due to their enjoyable collaboration. The series chooses to omit this lighter side of their relationship, opting for a more dramatic portrayal. It is important to recognize this fictionalized depiction while appreciating the complexities of their historical dynamic.

Michael Fagan’s Palace Break-Ins: A Dramatized Encounter

The dramatization of Michael Fagan’s palace break-ins introduces discrepancies between fiction and reality. While it is true that Fagan did break into Buckingham Palace, the show embellishes the encounter, suggesting that he engaged in a conversation with the Queen to express his displeasure with Prime Minister Thatcher’s stewardship. This fictionalized encounter adds suspense and intrigue to the storyline but should be viewed as a creative interpretation rather than an accurate portrayal of historical events.

Princess Margaret’s Objection: A Fictional Twist

The Crown introduces a fictional twist with Princess Margaret openly objecting to Charles and Diana’s wedding. While it is plausible that Margaret had reservations, there is no historical evidence supporting her vocal objection. This embellishment stems from creative decisions rather than factual accounts. It is important to approach this fictionalized twist with an understanding that it adds dramatic tension to the narrative but does not reflect historical reality.

The Crown Season 6: A Poignant Portrayal of Diana’s Final Year

The highly anticipated sixth and final season of The Crown delves into the tragic events surrounding Princess Diana’s last year. With Elizabeth Debicki taking on the role of Diana, the season promises to be an emotional journey that explores the complexities of her life and the profound love she had for her sons, William and Harry.

Emphasis on Diana’s Love for Her Sons

In preparing for her role as Diana, Elizabeth Debicki has emphasized the deep love and devotion that Diana had for her sons. The season will provide a poignant portrayal of Diana’s unwavering commitment to her children, showcasing the challenges she faced as a mother in the midst of a tumultuous royal environment. Through heartfelt moments and emotional storytelling, The Crown Season 6 will pay tribute to Diana’s enduring love for William and Harry.

Release Dates and Narrative Structure

The Crown Season 6 will be divided into two parts, each offering a unique approach to storytelling. Part one is set to start streaming on November 16, 2023, on Netflix and will chronicle the events leading up to Princess Diana’s tragic death. This sequential narrative will provide a comprehensive exploration of the circumstances surrounding her passing. Part two, scheduled for release on December 14, 2023, will take a more non-linear approach, delving into individual stories within the overarching plot. This narrative structure will offer a deeper understanding of the impact Diana had on the royal family and the world.

In conclusion, while The Crown has gained global popularity for its dramatized portrayal of British royal history, it is important to recognize that the show takes creative liberties with historical accuracy. The blending of reality and fiction serves to entertain viewers, but it is crucial to acknowledge where the show diverges from historical fact. From depicting fictional meetings and altering timelines to embellishing encounters and introducing fictional twists, The Crown has faced criticism for its historical inaccuracies. As the show enters its final season, it is a reminder that entertainment should not be mistaken for historical truth.


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