People Hate Megan Rapinoe for Her Vocal Activism and Unapologetic Attitude

Megan Rapinoe, the former professional soccer player and activist, has garnered both praise and criticism for her outspoken nature and political activism. Despite her athletic achievements and advocacy work, she has faced backlash, particularly from conservative circles. Her refusal to meet President Donald Trump at the White House and her decision to kneel during the national anthem have sparked controversy. Additionally, her comments about atheism after suffering an Achilles injury drew criticism from Christians. This article explores the reasons behind the dislike some people have for Megan Rapinoe.

Megan Rapinoe: Athlete and Activist


Megan Rapinoe is not only a highly accomplished athlete but also a passionate activist who uses her platform to advocate for important causes. Known for her exceptional skills on the soccer field, Megan has made a name for herself as a fierce competitor. However, it is her unwavering commitment to social justice and equality that truly sets her apart. Despite facing criticism and backlash, Megan remains steadfast in her beliefs and continues to fight for what she believes in.

Accomplishments and Advocacy

Megan Rapinoe’s list of accomplishments extends far beyond her athletic achievements. She has been recognized for her advocacy work and has received numerous accolades for her contributions to society. In 2020, she was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Joe Biden, a testament to her significant impact on the world. Megan’s advocacy primarily focuses on LGBTQIA+ rights, and she actively collaborates with organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and Athlete Ally.

Despite her positive influence, Megan has faced criticism from certain circles. Her outspoken nature and politically charged comments have made her a target for harsh judgment. However, it is important to recognize that Megan’s activism stems from a genuine desire to create positive change. She fearlessly uses her platform to address issues such as sexism, misogyny, and racial inequality. By doing so, she sparks important conversations and encourages others to join the fight for a more inclusive and just society.

Megan’s decision to refuse a visit to the White House during the Trump administration further fueled the controversy surrounding her. While some may disagree with her actions, it is crucial to understand that Megan’s choice was driven by her personal beliefs and values. She has never been one to shy away from expressing her opinions, even if they are met with backlash. This unwavering commitment to her principles is what makes Megan a true role model for aspiring athletes and activists alike.

In addition to her activism off the field, Megan made headlines for her decision to kneel during the national anthem, following in the footsteps of NFL player Colin Kaepernick. This act of protest sparked intense debate and drew attention to the issue of racial injustice in America. Despite facing criticism and backlash, Megan stood firm in her convictions, using her platform to shed light on systemic inequalities. Her courage and determination serve as an inspiration to others who strive to make a difference in the world.

As Megan Rapinoe’s career comes to a close, her impact on both the sporting world and society as a whole cannot be overstated. She has proven that athletes have the power to be more than just competitors on the field; they can also be catalysts for change. Megan’s legacy will be remembered not only for her remarkable athletic achievements but also for her unwavering dedication to fighting for a more equitable and inclusive world.

Backlash and Controversies

Refusal to Meet President Trump

One of the incidents that sparked controversy and drew criticism towards Megan Rapinoe was her refusal to meet President Donald Trump at the White House. This decision, which she made during the Trump administration, was met with mixed reactions. While some applauded her for taking a stand and expressing her disapproval of the president, others viewed it as disrespectful and unpatriotic. Regardless of one’s opinion, it is important to recognize that Megan’s choice was driven by her personal beliefs and values, and she remained steadfast in her decision despite facing backlash.

Kneeling During National Anthem

Similar to NFL player Colin Kaepernick, Megan Rapinoe made headlines for her decision to kneel during the national anthem before games. This act of protest was a powerful statement against racial injustice and police brutality in America. While some praised her for using her platform to raise awareness about important social issues, others criticized her for what they perceived as disrespect towards the flag and the military. The controversy surrounding her protest ignited intense debates and highlighted the ongoing struggle for equality and justice in society.

Comments on Religion and Clash with Sage Steele

Megan Rapinoe’s outspoken nature and unapologetic stance on various issues have occasionally led to clashes and controversies. One such incident occurred when she made a comment insinuating that she was an atheist following an Achilles injury. This remark sparked outrage from some members of the Christian community who felt offended by her statement. Additionally, Megan had a public disagreement with sports commentator Sage Steele regarding transgender rights. Their differing viewpoints and heated exchange further fueled the controversy surrounding Megan’s activism.

It is important to approach these controversies with an open mind and recognize that Megan Rapinoe’s actions and statements are driven by her passion for social justice and equality. While her choices may have sparked disagreement and criticism, they have also sparked important conversations and shed light on pressing issues in society. Megan’s willingness to use her platform to advocate for change serves as a reminder that athletes can be powerful agents of social transformation.

In conclusion, Megan Rapinoe is a former professional soccer player and activist who has faced backlash for her outspokenness and political views. Despite her athletic achievements and advocacy work, she has been criticized for her refusal to meet President Donald Trump at the White House, her kneeling during the national anthem, and her comments about religion. Megan’s activism and unapologetic nature have made her a target for conservative circles and have sparked debates on various issues. However, her impact as an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and her inclusion in the TIME 100 Most Influential People of 2020 highlight her influence and the importance of athletes using their platform for social change.

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