Why Starbucks is giving away free drinks this weekend

To commemorate Veteran’s Day this year, Starbucks is offering a free tall drink to all veterans and current military members. The offer will run in participating stores. 

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This year, Starbucks is offering a free tall (12-ounce) hot or cold brewed coffee to Veterans, military service members, and military spouses. 

The offer is only available when the drink is ordered in-store or through a drive-thru, meaning you can’t order the drink beforehand through the popular Starbucks app.

Cold brew coffee is excluded from the Veteran’s Day deal and customers are limited to just one drink per person in the promotion.

According to The Military Wallet, the chain store does not require any military ID for the offer to be redeemed.

The offer is only in participating stores, so it’s unclear if it will be available in franchised locations, like inside of Barnes and Noble stores. Starbucks does not have an everyday military discount available but some individual stores do offer their own discounts, including many airport Starbucks—so it’s always best to ask just in case they do. 

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The story behind World Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day, as the name suggests, honors veterans across the armed forces in various wards. It started in 1919 on the first anniversary of the1918 armistice that ended the First World War and was initially called Armistice Day. 

November 11 became recognized as an official national holiday in the US in 1938. The name was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day in 1954, in order to expand the recognition to honor those who have served in all US wars, rather than only WW1. 

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Starbucks isn’t the only company offering up free or discounted items to Veterans Day 2023.

Dunkin’ is giving both veterans and active military members a free donut of their choosing on Veterans Day. At IHOP, they can get free Red, White, and Blueberry Pancakes or a free Pancake Combo on November 11 between 7 am and 7 pm.

Wendy’s is offering up a free breakfast combo during breakfast hours, but have to show military ID or a Veterans Advantage card at purchase.

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