Woman Tells Celebrities to Stop Getting Veneers

Have you ever wondered why celebrities seem to have perfect, blindingly white teeth? Well, one TikToker named Jules (@juulessssssssssssss) has had enough of it. In a viral rant, she argues that veneers have gone too far and that natural teeth are far superior. Jules believes that veneers make people look fake, like robots, and that the imperfections of natural teeth are what make them beautiful. But is she missing the point? Let’s dive into the debate surrounding veneers and natural teeth.

Celebrities and Veneers: A Shiny, Block-Shaped Epidemic

The prevalence of veneers among celebrities has become a topic of discussion, with some questioning whether they truly enhance one’s appearance. While veneers can undoubtedly create a dazzling smile, there are differing opinions on their overall aesthetic. It’s important to consider the various perspectives surrounding this trend.

Jules’s Disapproval of Celebrities with Veneers

Jules, a TikToker known for her outspoken nature, has expressed her dissatisfaction with celebrities sporting veneers. She argues that veneers do not look good and believes that natural teeth are more appealing. However, it’s worth noting that Jules herself possesses a set of nice teeth, which may influence her perspective on this matter.

The Presence of Veneers in the Influencer Community

Jules finds it particularly intriguing that veneers have become prevalent among influencers. She suggests that influencers, who are often willing to go to great lengths for freebies and attention, would not be hesitant to undergo dental procedures for the sake of their image. It’s an interesting point to consider, as influencers are known for their willingness to experiment with various beauty enhancements.

The Argument for Natural Teeth

Jules advocates for the beauty of natural teeth, arguing that they possess a unique charm that veneers cannot replicate. While it’s true that natural features have their own appeal, it’s important to recognize that personal preferences vary. Some individuals may prefer the flawless appearance that veneers provide, while others appreciate the authenticity of natural teeth.

The Unnatural Appearance of Veneers

Jules also criticizes the uniformity of veneers, claiming that they create a straight line that lacks the subtle variations found in natural teeth. She believes that the irregularities and imperfections of real teeth give them a more authentic and human-like quality. This perspective highlights the desire for a more organic and diverse aesthetic.

The Concept of an Uncanny Valley

When it comes to veneers, there is an interesting concept at play known as the “uncanny valley.” This term refers to the discomfort or unease that arises when something appears almost human, but not quite. Jules seems to be grappling with this phenomenon, as she finds veneers to make their owners look fake yet still human-like. Our brains struggle to process this contradiction, leading to a sense of uneasiness.

Jules’s Struggle with Veneers Making People Look Fake

Jules is particularly put off by the fact that veneers can give individuals an artificial appearance. In her opinion, a smile adorned with a full set of veneers can resemble that of a robot, lacking the genuine warmth and authenticity of a natural smile. This discomfort may stem from the desire for human interactions to feel genuine and sincere, rather than artificial or manufactured.

The Impact of Veneers on Facial Expressions and Perception

Another aspect that Jules may be considering is the effect of veneers on facial expressions and how they are perceived by others. Our mouths play a significant role in non-verbal communication, with our lips and teeth conveying emotions and intentions. If someone’s lips are concealed by a set of veneers, it can hinder our ability to fully understand their expressions and potentially create a barrier in connecting with them on a deeper level.

In conclusion, the TikToker Jules expresses her disdain for celebrities with veneers, arguing that they do not look good and that natural teeth are more appealing. However, it is important to note that influencers, who are known for their willingness to do anything for attention, would likely not be opposed to getting veneers if it meant gaining more followers. While Jules prefers to see veneers exclusively on older people, it is important to understand that veneers require the presence of teeth, which tend to be lost as we age. Ultimately, Jules seems to struggle with the concept of the uncanny valley, finding veneers to make their owners look fake but still human-like. However, it is the mouth, not the eyes, that she believes is the window to the soul.


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