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Hundreds of enthusiastic fans showed up to catch a glimpse of Timothée Chalamet at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto this week as part of a promotional event for his new movie “Wonka.” The actor takes on the role of the iconic candy man previously played by Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp.

On December 14, Chalamet appeared at a crowded Yorkdale Mall to surprise fans as part of an immersive “Wonka” experience ahead of the film’s December 15 release.

This highly anticipated film serves as an imaginative prequel that shows how young chocolatier Willy Wonka became the creative genius behind his legendary confectionery. 27-year-old Chalamet brings his signature charm to the famous character.

Hundreds of people lined up for the chance to see the award-winning actor behind his roles in “Call Me By Your Name” and “Dune” enter this beloved story.

When Timothée Chalamet first appeared to greet the crowd of excited supporters, screams echoed throughout the mall’s halls.

Die-hard fans held signs and phones to take photos and videos of their idols and surprise them. Chalamet took selfies with followers, signed autographs and waved enthusiastically to greet fans.

“He was very kind, very sweet,” said Ziyana Kotadia, 17, who met her favorite actor. “I’m really speechless. This has been my dream for so long!”

The deafening cheers lasted several minutes as Chalamet walked along the long crowd, responding with gratitude to their tributes.

What is it about Timothée Chalamet that inspires a passionate fan community across many different age groups? Many people consider his talent and humility to be his great charm.

Despite his rapid rise to fame thanks to his acclaimed film roles, Chalamet has kept a low profile. His openness in discussing his personal struggles also forged a strong connection with his supporters.

Of course, his good looks and effortless charm cemented his handsome status. But Chalamet persevered through it all.

After surprising and delighting fans at the mall event, Timothée Chalamet then attended the glamorous “Wonka” premiere in Toronto that evening.

Wearing an elegant suit by Alexander McQueen, he stepped onto the red carpet to pose for photos and chat with the press. Young actress Keegan-Michael Key accompanied him as she played the young version of Charlie Bucket’s mother in the film.

Chalamet expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray an iconic character like Willy Wonka in the anticipated prequel. Reviews will reveal later this week whether his version is worthy of previous versions of the screen legend.

But if the fan reaction at Yorkdale Mall gives any indication, Chalamet’s faithful have embraced his performance wholeheartedly. And their excitement suggests “Wonka” will attract a large audience of both old and new fans when it hits theaters.

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